5 Promotional Flash Drives Australians Love

Promotional USB Flash Drives

1) Swivel Flash Drive

With such an affordable price tag these flash drives have so much potential!  Available in a large range of colours and 5 different storage options ranging from 1GB to 16GB, there is the possibility to print on both sides of this USB.  This makes the Swivel Flash Drive great for any event that your company holds.

2) Wooden Promotional Flash Drives

If you’re looking for a great sustainable product to promote your eco-friendly business, this may be the one for you!  In an ever greener planet, these wooden flash drives made from a natural material casing are becoming an increasingly popular choice.  Available with a large range of storage options with the option for colour printing or laser engraving, these are a lovely unique treat.

3) Logo Branded Business Card USBs

A perfect 2 in 1!  With the largest promotional area of our USB collection, these are a sophisticated way to market your business.  Forget regular business cards, have yours printed onto these sleek USB’s and include further details already loaded onto the device.  With the option of having storage up to 128GB, there is great potential for you to include everything from product catalogues to full portfolios.  Great for businesses and individuals looking to promote their work!

4) Personalised USB Pens

A more premium gift with subtle, classy advertising these are a great choice for many corporate events.  The USB Pen features a pleasing range of colours and storage sizes suitable for any business needs.  A great idea at for boardroom meetings or functions: you can preload the drive with the content covered while the client takes notes with the pen.  A sophisticated and functional gift that your client will love.

5) Unique Light-Up Colourful USB Keys

A fun choice for well-established companies these USBs are bright, recognisable and light up when plugged in!  Pair these with a promotional lanyard to really increase consumer engagement at large scale events.  Then, when later used in public working spaces (libraries etc.) attract further customer engagement.  A real gift that keeps on giving to both the consumer, and your business.