Flash Drives for Branding Large Logos

Need a big space for branding? Perhaps you need a different kind of USB flash drive. We get plenty of clients who want their USBs to feature a whole wealth of information; the business name, the address, the phone number, the email address, the website URL, social media details... You name it. But most USBs are rather small in size, and they can only fit so much information. Sure we can print it, but whether or not it'll still be legible is another matter. Which is why, if you're intent on getting as much of your brand and business information out there as possible, you should pick a USB that can accomodate a larger print. 

credit card usb

Case in point, the credit card USBs. The same size as a credit card, and only slightly thicker, these USBs have a large branding space that can accomodate a full colour digital print, it's the perfect USB for printing down all your contact details. Think of it like a business card, but one that doubles as a storage device. These might be the perfect giveaway to more valued clients. 

wristband usb

Or, if you've got a less corporate and more casual sort of clientele, perhaps you should consider these silicon wristband usbs. With a print space along the band, you can print a large amount of text. Business details perhaps, or an inspirational quote, or your business tagline. 



Both options are USBs that have plenty of branding space, and are highly memorable. Certainly something you should consider the next time you want to print a large amount of information on a USB.