Who Uses Promotional Flash Drives?

USBs are HUGE in the marketing industry, but why? They're multi-functional of course. Most people think USBs used for storage, which indeed they do a great job of, but the smart little things have hidden talents.



Here's a useful little list in ways you can use your USBs

1.  Run portable games and apps by using just your flash drive.

2. Lock and unlock your computer. Like your USB is your computer key!

3. Use the Memory sticks to install Windows onto your Mac.

4. It's a File transferer, Obvious one.

5. space savers.

6. Perfect for backups.



From colleges & schools providing education to a photography company producing their work to clients. USBs are an all rounder for everyone. There is a reason for most people as to how a Flash drive is useful to everyone. With all the different styles and capacities you can now get in the world, there is one to suit each.

Great corporate gifts for Christmas too!  A nice little Gadget to keep all your holiday festivity snaps safe and secure!



 Merry Christmas!