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Best Promotional USBs for Photographers

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

If you are a professional or aspiring photographer, the likelihood is that you use USBs to store your fabulous work. The easiest step to take mundane USBs and turn them into a tool to promote your brand and identity (as we all know standard USBs are visually uninspiring) is to customise and brand them.

If you are sending your files to current clients, this can be a great promotional tool for others to see your details and work. The more your name and work are out there the more likely you are to find future clients. Below are some of our top USB picks:

Everyday: Keep it simple but sleek

The best way to decide on your standard USB style is to go simple. You want your work to be presented professionally so that first impressions are positive; boosting the reception to content on the USB. If your work is a bit more unusual see below for “quirky”.

Wedding: Try stylish and natural

For weddings, the key is keeping it classy and timeless. Whether this is a sample enticing new clients or the final images for the happy couple; a wooden look with aesthetic curves is perfect. This will reflect the service you provide for the wedding as high quality, stylish and unobtrusive. Make sure your delivery of content compliments the work you provide.

Quirky – Go bright to catch their attention

If your images are more on the unusual side, or if getting attention is your priority, perhaps a bright USB will be more fitting. This USB still looks tasteful but with a bit of sass to help it standout. A good choice if your branding is cool or eccentric.

Nature – Choose Recycled

An obvious choice for nature photographers is to have environmentally friendly USBs. These USBs are made from recycled wood and show you care about sustainable choices; supporting the subjects of your photography.

Promoting – Stand out and get artistic

A great way to promote yourself at trade shows, meetings, conferences or just out and about, these USBs can be handed out with samples of your work as a business card. They illustrate innovative techniques and are great for capturing attention and intrigue. You can even customise the image on the card to show off your style of work and artistic talents at first glance


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