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Why You Should Use Promotional OTG USBs

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Never heard of OTG USB Flash Drives? You're missing out! These devices are extremely handy for people transferring data on the move, and best of all, we decorate them like regular memory keys! Learn more below.


Custom Logo USBs On-The-Go

On-The-Go (OTG) USBs are the new companion for the modern user of all things tech. The OTG USB is a multipurpose device that is perfect for utilising as a memory/storage device, as well as a host when transferring files between phones, laptops, PCs and other similar gadgets. These friendly-to-use devices are excellent for not only sales people that are always on the move but any modern business that you’re looking to impress. Promotional OTG USBs are the smartest choice when selecting promotional merchandise that;

  • Does not require much storage space

  • Will be warmly receipted and used often

  • Can be given to both employees and customers

  • Can be easily branded with your artwork

Using Customised OTG Memory Keys

With OTG USBs, the difference from the traditional USB isn’t much. This smart promotional gift can be used by simply connecting it into an Android or iOS device on one end while connecting the other to a regular USB slot on the PC or Laptop. An OTG USB is a perfect immediate solution when one wants to store their files and data but can’t connect to the cloud, or the phone memory is full.

Ordering Bulk Branded OTG Flash Drives

OTG USBs come in a wide range that is ready for customisation. When placing an order with us, we will complete them with any artwork ranging from company logo, statement, theme, slogan and even random designs. In case the selected OTG USB range has a metal outer case, it can be decorated using subtle laser engraving finish or pad printing. With pad printing, it is possible to get bright, vibrant colours and introducing an epoxy doming finish can give you a full-colour digital print. The options are endless. Customisation is left up to you to select according to your needs. Of course, the order can have both subtle and vibrant colours, after all, that’s the beauty of customisation!


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