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32 gb Promotional USB

32 gb Promotional USB

SKU: 32gb USB

Now available, we have flash memory drives with a 32gigabyte capacity. A 32 gigabyte capacity offers you a huge amount of flexibility in how you distribute and use a flash drive. For events where you require pre-loaded data, you can be assured that a 32 gigabyte capacity will have enough capacity to hold most videos and photographs.

Consider using a 32 gigabyte capacity flash memory drive to store things like a prospectus, games, videos, music and certainly photographs.

How Much Storage Space is there on 32gb?

On 32 gigabytes, there is a lot of storage space. Specifically in real life useage, it has enough capacity to store the following:

  • 800 photos (based on a typical 12 Megapixel Camera)
  • 1000 songs (based on a 4 minute song stored at 256kbps on an Mp3 file)
  • 80 minutes worh of video (based on a High Definition video recorder)

If you are unsure, how much storage space you require, then contact a friendly sales team member. We would be glad to help you with any data related questions you may have on our range of 32 gigabyte promotional USB flashdrives.

Buy 32gb Promotional Flashdrives

We are the experts in custom branded flash drives. We supply 32gb capacity flashdrives complete with your logo decorated onto the item. We use two different methods to decorate your graphics including:

Screen Print Your Graphics

The cheapest and most popular way to personalise this USB flashdrive, is via screen printing. We can print your graphics on the metal part of the flash drive with upto 4 different spot colour prints, with your choice of Pantone Colours.

Full Colour Digital Print your Graphics

The second method available to decorate this flash memory drive with your images and graphics is through direct digital print. A direct digital print allows for a photo quality finish of your desired image on the metal portion of the flash memory drive.

Buy Now for Fast Delivery within Australia

Ask us for a quote today and buy your promotional USB drives with a fast 1 week delivery all around Australia.

Product Information

  • Grade A memory Chip
  • Lifetime data retention warranty
  • Available in Red | Blue | Green | Yellow | Black | White
  • 32gb capacity
  • Delivery within Australia only
  • Physical Dimensions: 5.2cm x 2.6cm wide

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