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Promotional Memory Stick Lock

Promotional Memory Stick Lock

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512mb | 1gb | 2gb | 4gb | 8gb| 16gb | 32gb are available for this USB style

A padlock is not the first thing that will come to your mind when you are thinking of a memory stick. However this is precisely what this product is. It is a memory stick in the shape of a padlock. The product though is not simply just made in a shape that resembles a padlock, it is also made from solid brushed steel and is as heavy as an actual real life lock. This is what adds to the appeal of the product.

How To Access the Memory

The insertion nib is located at the bottom of this flash memory drive. It is extended by pushing the U lock through the body and is retracted by pulling the U lock back up.

Personalized This Memory Stick

You can personalize this memory stick by branding your logo on either or both sides of the main body. We recommend laser engraving for best permanent results. You may however choose to pad print your logo in which case you have the advantage of having your logo printed in the Pantone colour of your choice. Definitely a good option, however with pad printing you do need to be aware that the logo can chip off over time unlike laser engraving. Please ask us about the best branding method for your logo when you make your enquiry.

Ordering Process for Promotional Memory Sticks

If you are interested in finding out about this product please send us an enquiry or give us a telephone call. Our friendly team will be able to advise both the cost of the product as well as the best way to brand your logo or details onto this flash memory drive. If you are happy with everything, please send us your logo and we would create a free mock up for you to view. Once you are satisfied with the product visually, we will send over an invoice and once everything is finalised the product will be placed into production and sent to your location.

Available Memory Stick Size

Choose from the whole range of capacities to suit your budget including: 512mb | 1gb | 2gb. For medium level capacities you may choose from: 4gb | 8gb or for power users you can opt for: 8gb | 16gb and 32gb

Colours available

To maintain the integrity of this product the Lock shaped flash memory is only available in a bronze and silver finish per the photo.

Delivery is to Australia. For overseas orders please let us know and we can work out a freight to your desired location. Please call us for a quote!