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Data Storage Retention

Flash drives come in all shapes and sizes, however this will mean little if they are unable to store data reliably and consistently. We have come across many instances where flash memory drives have been damaged and unable to store data. Below, are some handy hints and tips on how you can get the most out of your personal or promotional flash drive.

Tips to Ensure Secure Data Storage

Your flash drive is a delicate instrument, despite the fact that some styles offer robust cases which really protect the unit. However, if used incorrectly, even the best and most expensive flash memory drives in the world are prone to internal damage.

Tip 1- Eject Your USB.png

Tip 1: Eject Your USB

When using your flash drive ensure that when you are done, that you exit properly by ejecting your flash memory drive. This is to prevent data damage caused by programs which are still accessing your unit. If you were to take a flash memory drive out of an USB port whilst a computer program is accessing it, the last file it was working on would be instantly corrupted and damaged.

Tip 2-  Eject Flash Memory Drives Even When Programs are Closed.png

Tip 2: Eject Flash Memory Drives Even When Programs are Closed

Eject your Flash Memory drive even if all your programs have closed. Any computer, laptop or Apple computer will have many different pieces of software running in the background to ensure your computer runs smoothly. These programs may still be accessing your memory flash drive without you even realising. If you were to physically remove the flash memory drive whilst it is accessed it will be damaged.

Tip 3 - Keep Away from Magnetic Sources.png

Tip 3: Keep Away from Magnetic Sources

Keep your flash memory drive away from sources that have a magnetic field. The most obvious items that we typically encounter on a daily basis that will have a magnetic source includes items such as:

  • Credit Cards

  • Train Tickets

  • Parking Tickets

  • Smartphones and Tablets

  • Electronic Car Keys

If your USB flash drive was to come in contact with a magnetic electronic source, there is a small chance that the internal data chip can be compromised and damaged. This is also true for the other magnetic source. For example if your train ticket was to come into contact with another electronic magnetic source, it can render the ticket useless. Have you ever tried to exit a bus, train or carpark using a ticket that seemingly does not work? The reason why it may not have worked is that it may have come into contact with a credit card or a Smartphone. The same concept applies to flash memory drives.

Tip 4 - Keep it Clean.png

Tip 4: Keep it Clean

Ensure that your computer USB port is clean and as dust free as possible. Also ensure your flash memory drive is clean and dust free as well. Dirt can effect how effectively a computer can access your flash drive.

Tip 5 - Back Up.png

Tip 5: Back Up

Despite your best intentions and efforts, it is still almost impossible to keep your precious data safe during all times. It would be prudent to have a back up of your flash drive data stored on a different computer, memory device or on a cloud server.


Use your flash drive wisely with common everyday sense. These items are so easy to corrupt. When they work, they are wonderful and most people will use them to accesss work files, photos, videos and other data readily. When they do not work though, they cause anxiety, time and a lot of frustration. These tips will hopefully allow you to access your data conveniently, consistenly and reliably. No matter, if your flash memory drive is a freebie promotional item or a high tech expensive one, these tips will work just as well.

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