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  • What Is The Minimum Quantity Order of USBs?
    For most of our products, the minimum order we can fulfil is 50 units. Unfortunately, the costs involved with printing/shipping smaller orders makes it difficult for us to satisfy smaller orders at our normal low rates. It is for this reason that we have a 50 unit minimum for each design - to provide the best pricing to you, the client, at every opportunity. If you're unsure about minimum quantities or if you'd like further information on or pricing, please don't hesitate to contact our sales staff for further information.
  • What Format Should My Branding Artwork Be Sent In?
    To ensure that the final product that you receive looks exactly how you'd like it to look, it is important that you sent our logo to in an appropriate file format. Files in the vector formats, such as .ai .cdr .eps .ps or .pdf can be used. Screen Printing Files in the vector formats, such as .ai .cdr .eps or .ps can all be used, so long as they are editable. If sending your artwork in a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tiff or .pdf format, please ensure that they are saved at a resolution of 300dpi or better. Laser Engraving Files in the vector formats, such as .ai .cdr .eps or .ps can all be used, so long as they are editable. If sending your artwork in a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tiff or .pdf format, please ensure that they are saved at a resolution of 300dpi or better. Photo Printing (Full Colour) We can use files in vector formats, such as .ai .cdr .eps or .ps as long as they are editable. However, photo printing works best if the artwork is in a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .tiff or .pdf format. Usually, a resolution of 300dpi or better is needed, but it is possible to go as low as 250dpi with photo printing.
  • How do I order USB Planet branded flash drives?
    USB Planet has a wide range of high-quality USB flash drives, ready to be custom printed with your logo or other branded artwork and shipped to your door, anywhere in Australia. How To Order Branded USBs To order, call our friendly sales staff on 02 9232 2163. Our lines are open from 9 am to 5 pm, (AEST) Monday to Friday. If you can't call, drop us an email at or use our website's enquiry button. Once we receive your enquiry, our sales team will provide you with an obligation free quote featuring tailored pricing for the USB units you are after. When you are happy with the price of the units, we ask that you simply send us your logo or artwork so we can create a free virtual artwork proof for your approval. After approving the artwork, we will invoice you for your order via email. Production of the USB units will begin once artwork has been approved and your invoice has been paid in full. You then sit back and wait for the finish product to be at your door anywhere in Australia within two weeks! Please let our staff know if you would like a very large bulk order, any data uploaded to the USB devices, or a quicker than usual turnaround time, as these elements may affect pricing/delivery time.
  • What is a Free Mock-Up?
    When ordering your branded USB Planet product, ask us for a free mock-up or 'virtual proof'. This process involves us utilising your logo file to create a high-quality virtual approximation of how your design will look on the product. Having this mock-up will allow you to make better-informed decisions before moving to a formal artwork proof and print production. Overall, you will be more in control of the finished product's appearance. What Is The USB Mock-Up Process? You send us your logo or graphic file in .AI, .EPS or .PDF format (wtih vectorised outlines). Our designers place your logo onto a high quality photograph of the promotional USB. We forward through the finished virtual mock-up for you to check out. Does A Virtual Mock-Up Cost anything? Absolutely not. We are happy to provide one free virtual mock-up to any enquiry with no obligation to purchase branded USB flashdrives from us.
  • What is The Expected Turnaround on USB Planet Branded Products?
    At USB Planet, our standard turnaround time is two weeks from receiving your final artwork approval on the branded logo or artwork, to having the product delivered to your door anywhere in Australia. This time frame takes into account production as well as the branding process, packaging and delivery. Express Flash Drive Options However, we do understand that sometimes circumstances don't allow for our standard turnaround time. If you're in a rush, either send an enquiry via email or call our sales team to ask more about a quick turnaround order. We can have your USB flash drives custom branded and with a 24-hour turnaround plus delivery time -- approximately one day for East Coast Australia, three to five days for other states/regional locations. If you are ordering in bulk, please let us know as this can affect turnaround time. Are All USB Styles Available For Express Delivery? No, we only kept a limited range of styles stocked in our Australian warehouse for expedited turnaround orders. These include Promotional Swivel USB Drives Infinity Custom USB Drives Jetson Printed USB Drives Full Colour Credit Card Drives All other styles require a full two week timeframe for completion.
  • Where Does USB Planet Deliver To?
    USB Planet is proudly Australian owned and operated. As such, we offer quality, branded USB products for delivery to any state or territory in Australia. We deliver to metropolitan and regional areas anywhere in NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS, WA, SA, ACT and NT. Standard Australian Delivery Service Our standard turnaround time from acceptance of artwork and invoice payment is two weeks. We utilise third party courier services to dispatch and handle goods all over Australia. We cannot guarantee an exact date of arrival as a result, but always ensure we set a shipment date that meets your timeframe requirements. If you're unsure as to whether or not our standard service will meet your deadline, let our team know and we'll investigate the best delivery option for you. Do You Deliver Outside of Australia? We deliver within Australia per standard, but we can make exceptions for our neighbouring countries (such as New Zealand). To ensure we can accommodate your order to a nearby island, please advise our sales staff when enquiring that you need delivery outside of Australia and they will do their best to assist you with shipping to your location. Be advised that as we specialise in Australian orders, there is no guarantee we can assist with delivery to your overseas location and we handle each of these on a case-by-case basis.
  • What devices are compatible with USB flash drives?
    Our range of Promotional USB flash drives are compatible with a wide range of data reading and writing devices. Since they work through the ubiquitous USB-A port, USB flash drives will work with most desktops and laptop computers built in the last fifteen to twenty years. Adaptors for Standard USB Memory Drives USB Keys do not plug directly into some phones, most tablets, or newer models of Apple computer, but they can be connected to these devices by means of a hub or adapter. Unconventional Device Connectivity Other devices which are usually compatible with USB flash drives include: Televisions - many newer model TVs have a USB port, and so can play videos and music files, as well as displaying pictures. Stereos (including some car stereos) - frequently have USB ports, though typically can only play the more common audio file formats. LCD picture frames - can display image files, and sometimes also audio files and videos, depending on model. Gym equipment - modern gym equipment often has USB ports so you can listen to music as you walk or cycle Airplane seats - depending on the airline, it is possible to show your own movies as you fly
  • What is data hardcoding on a flash memory drive?
    Most of the flash memory drives available from USB Planet come empty of data, but it is possible to preload data so that they go with catalogues, images, company documents, software or other relevant information that you want to send out. What Does Hard Coding Mean We can save computer data onto a USB flash drive and have it saved in such a way that renders these data files permanent onto the flash memory drive. These files that have been designated into a hard coded flashdrives cannot be deleted or modified by subsequent users. Ask for a Quote when you make your Enquiry However, it is possible to have your data hard coded onto the flash drives you order from USB Planet. This will mean that the makes you order can only be read, and the data you put on them cannot be deleted or edited. For further details, including pricing, please ask our friendly sales staff.
  • How does a USB flash compare to other storage media?
    USB flash drives are reliable, portable, easy to use, difficult to damage and compatible with a wide range of playback devices. But how do they compare to other portable physical data storage devices? CD-ROM/DVD-ROM CD-ROM and DVD-ROM might have the edge on USBs for long-term storage. However, the hardware that they run on is becoming less widely used in newer machines. Storage of data onto a CD- or DVD-ROM is time-consuming, and it is not always possible to delete or edit information saved in this way. In addition, while CD- and DVD-ROM may be useful as carefully stored archives, their physical media is very easily damaged or corrupted, making discs less portable. The USB flash drive is infinitely rewritable, making it more useful when storing information that you plan to edit. It is physically easier to carry safely than a CD or DVD without the risk of damage. External Hard Drive External hard drives come in two basic forms, mechanical hard drives or the newer flash hard drives. Mechanical hard drives have their uses, but they are large, heavy, easily broken and frequently need their own power source to run. They have a wide range of uses, but lack the portability and convenience of the USB flash drive. Flash hard drives (also known as solid state hard drives or SSHD) are basically larger, more powerful versions of USB flash drives. However, their large size can be a disadvantage, as many of the devices that can access and playback data from a USB flash drive lack the processing power necessary to deal with such huge amounts of data as can be saved on SSHD.
  • What is the Capacity of a flash drive?
    USB Planet provides flash drives in the following sizes: 512mb, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb and 64 gigabyte capacities. Each gigabyte = 1000 megabytes (mb) Storage Capacity in Real world Terms Digital Photographs Take for example the average file size of a photo taken by a camera phone: approximately 2.5mb. This means you could fit approx 200 photos onto one of our 512mb flash drives, 400 photos onto 1gb, 800 photos on 2gb, 1600 photos onto 4gb, 3200 photos onto 8gb, 6400 photos on 16gb, 128,000 photos onto 32gb 256,000 photos onto 64gb. Audio Sound Data Files Audio files using the commonly utilize a standard storage methodology referred to as Mp3. These sound files average 3.5mb, Larger drives could hold approximately: 1gb: 300 songs, 2gb can hold 600 songs, 4gb can hold 1200 songs, 8gb can hold 2400 songs 16gb can hold 4800 songs, 32gb can hold 9600 songs 64gb can hold 19200 songs Video Files How many videos can a flashdrive hold is dependent on variables such as the length of the video and the picture quality. A standard 90-minute feature length video saved at medium quality will come in at just under one gigabyte, so our flash drives should hold: 512mb: 0-1 movies, 1gb: 1-2 movies, 2gb: 2-4 movies, 4gb: 4-8 movies, 8gb: 8-16 movies, 16gb: 16-32 movies, 32gb: 32-64 movies 64gb:64-128 movies. Obviously, all of these drives will hold many more shorter video clips, or fewer long, high quality video files.
  • How fast are your USB 2.0 Flash Drives
    As technology moves on USB 2.0 Flash drives are gradually becoming less common. Theoretically, they can read or write information at a rate of 60 megabytes every second. However, this can vary dramatically depending on what sort of device you are using. In general, USB 2.0 has been supplanted by the faster and more efficient USB 3, though some very old computers may lack USB 3.0 ports.
  • What is a flash memory drive?
    A USB Flash memory is a type of solid state memory, popular for its portability, reliability and dependability. They are used to store computer data for retrieval at a later date. There are several sorts of flash memory drive, including memory cards, solid state drives and promotional USB flash memory drives, such as the ones we sell at USB Planet. In flash memory, information can be endlessly written and replaced on silicon chips. Unlike earlier storage systems such as floppy disks, CD-ROM or mechanical hard drives, a flash drive contains no moving parts. Therefore, it is not subject to mechanical failure, and less vulnerable to damage from physical harm (dust, grit, scratching, etc). Compact USB Memory Thumbdrives One of the most common flash memory drives is the USB flash memory drive or 'thumb drive'. These are convenient, portable, pocket-sized and infinitely rewritable, making them an ideal physical storage medium for a variety of applications. USB Memory thumbdrive sticks can store things like: Excel files Word documents Powerpoint files mp3 files photographs Audio files software applications pdf documentations Most computers made in the last twenty years have some form of USB drive, and USB drives are found in many modern TV and stereo units, allowing you to play video, audio or picture files easily.
  • Do USB Planet products come with a warranty?
    For your peace of mind, all USB Planet branded merchandise contain Grade A flash chips which are protected by warranty. In the unlikely event of faulty manufacture, USB Planet branded product come with a one-year factory warranty, ensuring replacement of faulty units. In addition, our products come with a 10-year data retention warranty, to ensure that your data will be safe for years to come.
  • How and where can I use a USB flash drive?
    Over the years, the USB flash drive has become an extremely popular way of storing and using data. Some common uses of USB flash drives include: Moving data between non-networked computers -- need to work on the same files at work and at home? Just save them to the USB stick. Maintaining secure files -- a USB flash drive in your pocket can't be hacked by anyone. Displaying data on non-computer devices -- many TVs, stereos, LCD picture frames and other devices are designed to work from a USB flash drive. Backing up your computer data -- keep a spare copy of important files. Restarting your computer -- many people keep their computer restart information on USB flash drives in case of system failure.
  • What is a Grade A Flash Drive?
    The heart of a USB flash drive is its flash chip, and the quality of these chips varies greatly. Grade A flash chips are the highest quality of flash chips, manufactured to the strictest factory standards. To be considered Grade A, a flash chip must pass a rigorous series of tests before it leaves the factory. These quality chips are laser etched with their manufacturer's name and a serial number, to ensure that they retain a manufacturer warranty. They have the longest lifespan of flash chips and the lowest rate of errors. If a chip does not meet high factory standards, is recycled from old units or has flaws with memory retention it is considered a Grade B chip. These chips are never used by USB Planet as they have low reliability and no warranty. Promotional USB Memory With High Quality Memory Chips All USB Planet flash drives contain Grade A flash chips, made by internationally recognised companies such as Hynix, Samsung, Sandisk and Toshiba. You can be confident that the flash drives supplied by USB Planet meet the high standards ensured by these well-known factories. We do not recommend that you purchase flash devices with anything below a Grade A chip under any circumstances. If a supplier offers a "too good to be true" price, always check the grade of the chips they use.
  • What is a Grade B Flash Drive?
    We do not recommend nor sell Grade B flash memory chips. Though cheaper than Grade A, this lower price tag frequently means reduced reliability, lower speed and a shorter lifespan for the product. Grade B chips are usually either new chips that have not passed the rigorous testing required to receive a Grade A ranking, or Grade A chips that have been recycled and repackaged. These recycled chips can represent a security hazard, as they have been known to contain former users' data, including viruses. It is rare for Grade B products to be protected by warranty as a result. USB Planet Uses Grade A Chips Only All USB Planet products contain high-quality Grade A chips only, which is why we can provide a one-year factory warranty and a ten-year data retention warranty on our products. We do not cut corners with the lastability of your USB memory products and are proud to provide the best chips possible to our clients.

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