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Services To Enhance Your Flashdrive

Here at USB Planet we're proud to offer a variety of additional USB services to ensure that you have the most convenient purchasing experience possible. We always strive to provide you with the best customised USBs and associated services available. Please see below for some of our further service selections.


Custom USB Flash Drive Packaging

Don't waste precious time gift boxing and packaging USBs yourself. Here at USB Planet we take the pain out of custom packaging by doing it for you! This isn't the only custom packaging service available - we can also:

  • Compile accessories such as keyrings, mini-lanyards and ball chains into the boxes for you.

  • If you have printed material or would like a business card inside each box just send us the file that requires printing and we can compile and package it for you.

  • We can custom label and print boxes for an additional cost if you are seeking a truly tailored look. Ask our friendly sales team about custom box options when you make your enquiry.

Flash Drive Data Load Service

When you need data pre-loaded onto your USB flashdrives, leave it to the team at USB Planet. All of our promotional USBs come with a free upload service for (up to) 150mbs of data which we conveniently add before delivery to you. If you require more than 150mbs of data upload, we can add it to the drives for you at a small additional charge per unit.

Data loads are extremely poplar with our corporate clients as they ensure that your recipients get direct access to the files you wish to supply them. Not sure what to add to a custom USB? Here are some preloaded data ideas based on previous requests by our clients:

  • Company catalogues

  • Instructions for your products or services

  • Images and photos

  • Videos

  • Services your company provides

  • Documents

  • Company prospectus

  • Financial Statements

  • Software

  • Contact numbers

  • Maps

Your promotional flash drive need not be limited to simply having your brand name on the item. Really utilise the marketing value a flash drive can offer you by taking advantage of the core memory within a flash drive. Pass us your data by using your choice of:

1)  Email   2)  Dropbox   3)  FTP transfer   4)  Mail your CD or USB drive in to us

USB_data_loading_042013 copy.png

Hard Coding Flash Drive Service

A hard coding service allows us to loadd your content and data files into the flash memory drive permanently.  The files could be video, audio, excel documents or any file at all.  When users receive your flash drive they will be able to store their own content and delete their own content, however the pre-existing files that you have chosen to hard code will never ever be deletable.  This particular service is a physical change to the drive itself and is not merely a software trick. 

If you choose this service your flash drive will have a slightly different characteristic.  When your user accesses your flash drive instead of presented with a single useable drive letter such as "Removable Disk (L:) in the example below:


Your user will have 2 additional drives which will be denoted by an additional letter such as the example below:


In this example it is called "Removable Disk (L:)"and also "XACTI (G:)." It is in this secondary drive which is where your data will be located.  This drive can only be read and no edits or deletions are possible.

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