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Promotional Credit Card Flash Drives

Credit Card Flash Drives are the ideal option for when your recipients need to keep their files close by. They can be stored neatly in a wallet or handbag and taken out when your clients wish to access data. Each unit can also be customised to feature your unique logo design. Choose USB Planet for our various selection of flash drives, ranging from metal flash drives to custom novelty USBs tailored to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Personalised Credit Card Flash Drives?

Some reasons to choose this type of flash drive for your company or event are:

  • Portability: Their size fits easily in wallets, making them highly portable and accessible.

  • Customisable: The large surface area is ideal for full-colour branding or detailed designs.

  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide audience, from corporate professionals to school staff.

  • Innovative Design: Stands out from traditional flash drive shapes, offering a unique marketing tool.

  • Ease of Distribution: Their flat shape makes them easy to mail or hand out at events.

Care Tips for Custom Branded Credit Card Flash Drives

Here are some tips to keep your flash drive safe and protected:

  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Keep away from extreme heat or cold to prevent damage to the internal components.

  • Store in a Protective Sleeve: Use a sleeve or a separate compartment to minimise the risk of scratches and exposure to dirt.

  • Keep the Connector Clean: Regularly check and gently clean the USB connector with a soft, dry cloth to ensure a good connection.

  • Use with Care: Insert and remove the flash drive from devices gently to avoid any damage to the USB connector.

  • Keep Away from Magnets: Store your flash drive away from strong magnetic fields to protect the data integrity.

  • Back-Up Data Regularly: Ensure you have copies of important files in case the flash drive is lost or becomes unusable.


What storage capacities are available?

We offer a variety of storage options, ranging from 2GB to 64GB, to suit different needs and storage requirements.


Are they durable?

Yes, these flash drives are designed for durability, with a sturdy construction that protects the internal components, making them reliable for everyday use.


Can these flash drives be used with any computer?

Absolutely, they're compatible with any device that has a USB port, offering versatile use across different platforms and operating systems.


How do I ensure the longevity of my device?

Keep it dry, avoid bending or heavy pressure, store it in a protective case, and keep the connector clean for optimal performance.


Do you offer blank or unbranded credit card flash drives?

We provide blank credit card flash drives, catering to clients who prefer a minimalist look or wish to personalise them independently.

Plastic USB Credit Cards can be delivered urgently to Australian locations - ask about our express turnaround options!

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