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Promotional Wood Flash Drives

When you're looking to boost your marketing presence while still promoting a natural, eco-friendly image, then you can't beat our range of bamboo and wood USB flash drives. Each device comes custom-branded with your logo or slogan using printing or laser engraving methods. The natural wooden patterns and surfaces will vary between each unit, giving your promotion an earthy boost. At USB Planet, we offer a wide selection of flash drives, ranging from the latest in high-speed USB type C drives to custom novelty USBs tailored to meet your specific needs.

Custom Branded Wooden USB Drives Made of Eco-Friendly Materials

USB Planet is the leading supplier of USB products in Australia. Our wooden promotional flash drives are crafted from bamboo and wood, meticulously sourced from eco-conscious, sustainable sources. Choose this option to champion your business, charity, event, or school with environmentally friendly gifts. These wooden flash drives show a commitment to sustainability, offering a tech solution with minimal environmental impact, perfect for eco-aware promotions.

Ideal Case Uses for Personalised Bamboo Flash Drives

Wooden flash drives are ideal for a variety of applications, reflecting both style and eco-consciousness:

  • Corporate Gifts: Show your company’s support for sustainability with eco-friendly tech giveaways.

  • Educational Institutions: Offer students and staff sustainable data storage options.

  • Eco-Friendly Campaigns: Perfect merchandise for environmental awareness events and initiatives.

  • Photography Businesses: Deliver client photos on a stylish, sustainable medium.

  • Tech Conferences: Showcase your brand's commitment to sustainability in the tech sector.


What types of wood are used for these flash drives?

They are primarily made from bamboo, chosen for their durability and minimal environmental impact.


Are these flash drives environmentally friendly?

Yes, they are crafted from renewable resources and sourced from sustainable plantations, making them a more eco-conscious choice compared to conventional materials.


How do I care for them?

Keep it dry and clean, and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture to preserve the natural wood.


Can I order them in bulk?

Bulk orders are available, allowing you to distribute these unique, eco-friendly flash drives at events, as corporate gifts, or within educational settings.


Do you also offer blank wooden USB flash drives without any branding?

Yes, we provide blank wooden USB flash drives for those seeking unbranded options, allowing for personal customisation or use in settings where branding is not required.

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