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Promotional Key Shaped USB

If you want to draw attention to your brand, we recommend investing in stylish USB flash drives in a metal key shape. USB Planet is Australia's leading supplier of key-shaped memory drives that come complete with logo printing or laser engraving of your unique design. We will deliver memory keys to anywhere in Australia and feature popular sizes such as 1gb / 2gb / 4gb / 8gb / 16gb / 32gb / 64gb / 120gb / and more. Contact our sales team today for your obligation free quote on custom decorated USB keys.

Why Will You Love Personalised USB Keys?

A promotional USB drive shaped like a Key has many appealing features.

  • The form of this product attracts positive attention as a promotional giveaway. Use it as a corporate gift or a tradeshow gift.

  • The small physical dimensions make this product extremely portable (even by USB memory standards)

  • Extremely light in weight means you can keep the product in your wallet.

  • When USB keys are custom branded with your logo, you can be sure they will give you year-round branding exposure.

Available in Anodized Colours

Our standard key flash memory drives are in silver. However, all the options listed within this category are available for delivery to you, in an anodised colour of your choice. Choose from: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, purple, pink, grey, black or orange.

We also have an extensive collection of promotional USB Type C flash drives, tailor-made for brands aiming for a blend of modernity and functionality. Ensure your promotional efforts resonate with today's tech landscape. Venture into our assortment and find the perfect match for your brand!"

Fast Delivery

100% Aussie Owned

Low prices guaranteed

Amazing Range

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