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Promotional On-the-go (OTG) Flash Drives

Promotional OTG (or On-The-Go) USBs are memory devices that can act as a hosts for transferring files to and from your phone from a PC or laptop. They make perfect promotional gifts for industries like tech firms, creative agencies, and consulting companies that want to advantage of seamless file transfer options. At USB Planet, we offer a wide selection of OTGs, custom-branded and tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Who Is This Product For?

OTG flash drives are designed for:

  • Tech Firms: For software developers and IT professionals needing quick data transfers between devices.

  • Creative Agencies: Allowing designers and content creators to share and review work on various devices easily.

  • Consulting Companies: Enabling consultants to access and present files directly from mobile devices to clients without a laptop.

  • Event Organisers: For quick, on-site data exchange and backup during events.

  • Educational Institutions: For teachers and administrative staff to share educational content and documents effortlessly.

Care Tips for Promotional OTGs

Caring for OTG flash drives ensures their longevity and reliability. Follow these tips:

  • Keep Caps On: Always replace caps to protect the connectors from dust and damage.

  • Avoid Physical Stress: Don't bend or apply pressure to prevent internal damage.

  • Use a Carrying Case: Store in a protective case to minimise the risk of physical damage.

  • Keep Dry: Avoid contact with liquids to prevent short circuits and corrosion.

  • Eject Properly: Always safely eject from devices before disconnecting to avoid data corruption.

  • Temperature Control: Store in a temperature-controlled environment to prevent damage from extreme heat or cold.


What does OTG mean?

OTG stands for "On-The-Go," allowing these flash drives to connect directly to mobile phones and tablets without needing a computer, facilitating easy file transfers and storage.


Can they be used with any mobile device?

They are compatible with most devices that support the USB OTG standard, including many Android phones and tablets. It's important to check your device's specifications for compatibility.


How do I transfer files using this device?

Simply connect the OTG flash drive to your mobile device's charging port, and you'll be able to move or copy files using your device's file management app.


Are they secure for storing sensitive information?

Yes, our devices are equipped with encryption and password protection features, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and accessible only to authorised users.

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