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3 Quirky Promotional USB Ideas

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

USBs are a great present to give to all. In such a modern world, data is everything. But why not turn USBs into a fun promotional item that people will remember? We’ve listed our 3 promotional fun and unique USBs.

If you are looking for a novel gift idea this cork USB is the perfect item for you. It looks exactly like a wine or champagne cork and its bark colouring gives a nice contrast to promote your brand or name on. Just don’t accidentally treat it like a regular cork!

This memory key is in the shape of a mini bowling pin. It is lightweight and portable. It is surely an item that will grab people’s attention. This would be great for a bowling themed promotional item or just double up as a quirky USB.

If you want to take portability and security to the next level, check out these metallic USB cufflinks. They look like regular cufflinks but also open up to expose a minuscule USB. Take your data everywhere you go without the need of constantly stressing whether you’ve lost it. Not to mention these cufflinks add an elegant finish to your outfit.


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