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5 Fun Things to do With Promotional USBs

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Think promotional USBs are just for offices or expos? Think again. Today we're checking out some of the more unique ways people can use their flash drives and who knows, it might give you a little inspiration too.


Make a Personalised Mixtape

Want to feel like a teenager again? If you wanted to tell that special someone how you felt about them, or if you were convinced that your best friend would LOVE Metallica, you make the most perfectly curated playlist in the world, boxed it up and sent it over in hopes they felt the same. Use your branded flash drives to create your own new mixtapes. Sure, you can do this with music streaming programs but having something physical that you can go back to years later and relive the experience is half the fun. How about the Full Colour Credit Card Flash Drive printed to look like a cassette? Bring back the mixtape!

Find Hidden Treasure with a Travel Bug

Want to feel like a pirate? Geocaching is a real-life treasure hunt. Players plant small boxes- or caches- all over the world, and log their GPS location for other people to find. A common feature found in a cache is what is known as a ‘travel bug.’ Travel bugs are items that people place in caches so that when they are found, players can then take them and drop them in different caches worldwide. Put a word document on the drive telling your story, and encouraging people to add their own stories, and send your logo emblazoned thumb drive out. One day when your bug gets back, you will have the most amazing group of stories from all over the globe.

Make an Undercover Dead Drop

Want to feel like a spy? Thumb drive dead drops are a trend where you add your secret files to a drive, then cement your flash drive into a wall, only leaving the connector exposed. With the use of an extender cable, you and your friends can share your covert files and live out your espionage dreams.

Create a Time capsule

Want to look back in time? Use your custom printed thumb drive to create a slice of life where you can look onto in the future. Write a letter to those you love, tell a story of how your business is today, upload photos of things that are important, keep a journal for your kid and give it to them on their 18th birthday; the options are endless. The USB drive in a personalised bottle fits perfectly for this.

Lighten a Student’s Backpack

With the help of free text-based e-books from Project Gutenberg, online study guides from SparkNotes, and a place to hold all your documents; you can lighten the load needing to be carried by students everywhere. Use a personalised USB drive to take some weight off their shoulders.

So, the next time you are thinking of promoting your brand, the trusted USB flash drive- even in the world of cloud-based storage- still rules supreme.


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