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Back to the Office with Promotional USBs

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Get back to the office with promotional USBs. Flashdrives are essential for storing and transporting data. They can always elevate your brand name. Here are great back to office promotional USBs.

Get back into the office with these metallic promotional on the go USBs. These flash drives can easily transfer files between different computers. The USBs have a unique design where the adaptor can be plugged into a USB slot as well as an Apple device slot. It can store up to 32GB of data and has lightning speed transfer times. This is perfect for any office!

If you are looking for a durable USB, check out these bulk office flash drives with a metal twist. This sturdy USB is designed for constant use and transportation. You can take it to and from work without any worry of damage. The USB features a twist mechanism to secure the adapter and comes in a variety of colours. Get this emblazoned with your brand name for easy promotion.

Have you ever wanted to wear your USB before? Now you can! Attach this unique clipster brandable flash drive to your belt or bag and take your USB with you wherever you go hands-free. This USB is shaped as a carabiner for easy transportation. This is great for use in the office as you will never forget it if it is attached to your bag. Coupled with your brand name, this is an effective marketing tool!


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