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Best Selling Branded USBs 2021

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

USBs are a great technological tool to help bolster your promotional campaign. Here are our three bestselling USBs for 2021 so far.

This sophisticated Finnin USB flash drive is a prime technological tool. It is made from lightweight aluminium, with a removable cap and minimalist look. We can easily personalise this flash drive through pad printing or laser engraving to ensure that you get the promotion you deserve. Grab this 32GB memory drive and take it to all corporate occasions.

If you need to use your USB on the go, check out these full-colour promotional credit card flash drives. The sleek design of this USB means it can easily fit in your wallet like a normal credit card! Onlookers will be shocked when your card turns into a USB. Moreover, you can get complete images pad printed on the drive making it very appealing to the eyes. What are you waiting for, get this decorated with your brand today!

For an eco-friendly vibe, get a hold of these recycled swivel USB flash drives. These are standard USBs but with one twist; they are made from bamboo! These USBs will send a positive message about your brand and help out the environment at the same time. People appreciate brands who take wider issues into account so this will greatly help your marketing campaign. Get this USB logo printed and exceed your promotional targets this year.


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