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Bizzare USB Flash Drive Shapes

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The popularity of promotional USB flashdrives can be attributed simply to their ability to store and transfer data. But manufacturers cannot help but offer more creatively designed USB drives in the hope of leading competition. In the past years, these companies have come up with some of the weirdest thumb drive designs. Here are some odd and interesting USB sticks that will certainly make you look twice


Unique USB Memory Shapes

  1. Sushi USB - these USB drives will surely impress anyone especially those who enjoy Japanese food

  2. Teddy bear USB drive - they are undeniably cute, but when the head comes off it does seem a bit gory, isn't it?

  3. Finger thumb flash drive - well this design takes the top spot. Imagine having a finger sticking out on the side of your laptop as you work. Really gives you the shivers!

  4. Lego brick USB - these are sure to bring out the geeky child in you. Brings back so many great childhood memories

  5. Squid flash drive - undeniably an eye-catcher. Just make sure you do not lose the cap as it throws the whole design off.

If you are serious about boosting brand recognition, you might want to come up with your very own original design for your promo USB drive. Be sure your customers can easily make an association with your business. See our section of promotional unique USB drives.


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