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Compact Promotional USBs

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Sometimes you're not looking for large bulky USBs, you want to maximise usability within a small frame. That's why USB Planet stocks a variety of stylish compact USB memory keys that have the same memory capabilities as their larger cousins, but come in extra small packages to meet the needs of your recipients.

Super Small Branded USBs

The tiniest of them all, our two smallest mini promotional USB flashdrives are the Micro Chip Flash Drive and the Callisto Flash Drive. Measuring in at 33 x 13 x 6 mm and 30 x 12 x 4 mm respectively. These USBs are perfect if you need customisation but you don't want to compromise on the product as small as possible. Each can be attached to keychains or similar for portability. These USBs are popular with people who travel for work as well as those with limited pocket or bag space.

Extra Skinny Promotional USBs

Sometimes it's not a tiny memory stick you need but one that's super flat. Don't worry, we've got you covered there too. The Mars USB Flashdrives and the Metal Swivel Flashdrives are full 65 x 17 x 8mm and 39 x 13 x 5 mm respectively, which means they can boast a larger branding area than our super mini models but they're still slim and easy to carry. We've found these units go down a treat with the corporate crowd as the promotional metal flash drives are premium, but without the heaviness of some of our more standard USBs.

Custom Branded and Compact in Size

None of these units looks appealing to you. Don't worry, there's plenty of different USB styles we can help with if you're worrieds about the size of the units. Drop our friendly sales team a line and let them know your requirements. We'll try to best match you with a USB to suit your needs.


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