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Credit Card Flash Drives

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Give the humble business card a 21st-century makeover with custom printed credit card style USB drives. These clever thumb drives combine the practical usefulness of printed promotional USBs with the elegance, portability and large branding area of the business card. They are sized to fit a wallet or card case and they're sure to help get your message out.


Promote Your Company or Yourself With Credit Card USB Drives

The credit card USB does everything that a business card does. Slim built and sized to fit a wallet, they have a branding area suitable for your corporate logo, and/or your name, contact details and position. But unlike a business card, the credit card USB is also a functional, lightweight memory storage device. While other business cards are stored away and forgotten, the credit card USB is sure to be used again and again, keeping your name where prospective clients or customers will see it every day.

Preload Credit Card Flash Drives with Data

The promotional usefulness of a credit card USB doesn't end there. We can preload these drives with data. Hand out business cards that include:

  • Catalogues

  • Prospectuses

  • Images or videos

  • Sound files

  • Company information

  • Resumes

  • Maps

  • Software

The possibilities are endless. We can preload your USB with up to 150mb of data at no extra cost. Additional data will attract a per-unit fee.

Lightweight, Easy to Carry Credit Card Thumb Drives

These drives mad do a lot of things ordinary business cards can't, but they're just as portable and almost as lightweight as old-fashioned cards. Keep them in your wallet or card case, and hand them out as you would ordinary business cards. Their small size means that freight costs on credit card USBs are low, and they are easy to store. They come in a range of styles, shapes and materials. Options include simple, elegant one- or two- colour printing to a full-colour design. Pick the style that best suits you or shows off your logo.


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