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Eco USB Flashdrive Ideas

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

USBs are a staple for any industry. You can easily store information as well as distribute it to your staff and clients. But rather than using a plastic USB, get something sustainable. Here are our best eco USB flash drive ideas.

Eco USB Flashdrive Ideas

This classic promotional USB eco swivel takes on a known design and adds a sustainable element. This flash drive is made from wood and metal and features a swivel top to open the USB. These USBs are small and can be easily transported to share information. You can get this USB in either maple wood, redwood, walnut wood, or bamboo. Get this USB emblazoned with your brand today to help the environment.

Go one step forward and get a USB that is completely wooden. This Palton wood USB drives branded are the perfect product to help environmental promotional. These flash drives are made from renewable natural resources yet operate in the same way as traditional USBs. There is ample space on this USB to imprint your brand. Consider gifting this item to your staff, clients, friends, or family.

Go the extra mile with these elegant brandable wooden flash drives. This USB device is sophisticated and tasteful. It is a premium USB and one that is eco-friendly. It features high-performance A-tier chips and a sleek polished wooden finish. Coupled with your unique brand or logo, this USB is sure to help your brand grow. What are you waiting for? Get this branded with your name today!


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