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Get Your Dream Job with Promotional USBs

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

After I finished my degree, I found myself in a situation that is far too common, how do I get a job in my feild? Sure I have the paperwork to say that I have studied and I have the knowedge that comes from that but the biggest point that most employers were looking for is experience. I took this issue to my Dad, who told me of a student who he hired recently that was in the similar situation to me, a degree, but no real experience, but what what tipped the scales was the way he applied.

He walked into the office and instead of handing a CV to reception in hopes that it would get looked at, he gave a USB with his name and contact details on it. When this was passed on through to the GM, he plugged in the drive and saw that there was a Cover Letter, CV, examples of previous projects he had worked on, and even a 3 minute video that worked answred all the common interview questions that would be asked. It was a stroke of genius, and he was hired 1 week later.

Why You Need a Personalised USB CV

Personalised USBs makes the perfect application and makes you stand out from the crowd, and it is this differentiation that puts you into the forefront of peoples minds. By having a unique design on the USB, along with your name and contact information you have solidified yourself as being creative, risk-taking and innovative.

But this idea doesn't have to be applied to a job application only! If you are happily employed, a personalised flashdrive and make for an effective networing tool. If you buy in bulk, you load these up with your contact information, portfolio, and any other relevant information you have, and hand these marketing bad boys at your next conference like a business card. If you really want to be savvy, our range of credit card USBs are the size of a business card, and fit perfectly into the concept of a Business Card 2.0.

Buy Promotional USBs in Bulk and Stand Out

Mark your mark, and stand out from the crowd whether it's applying for a job or even exapnding your existing one with a branded USB. Our sales team can even organise these to come pre-loaded with your information so you don't have to lift a finger!


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