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New Hi Tech USB Designs

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

If you think promotional USB drives are high-tech enough, wait until you see these new USB designs which will unleash the geek in you. These flash drives will leave you wondering what will they come up next and make you really excited about what the future will look like with such creativity. Of course, you can expect these drives to be a bit on the pricey side.

The Latest in Branded Flash Drives

  • Combination Micro SD USB – this particular design provides a way to expand the storage capacity of your USB stick by simply inserting your micro SD cards. This works great for those using micro SD in their mobile phones and tablets.

  • Biometric USB Drive – the very first USB drive that can be accessed with your fingerprint. They are designed for people with tons of passwords and account numbers. It even comes with a voice search feature! If another person uses it, it will self-destruct! Now, how cool is that?

  • Amoeba Modular USB – this USB design makes it easy for you to segregate your files according to certain categories. They are super practical, efficient and perfect for those who have so many individual USB sticks to carry around.

Final Thoughts

The once-simple USB drive has been transformed into a technological marvel. From the space-expanding Combination Micro SD USB to the ultra-secure Biometric USB Drive and the organiser's dream, the Amoeba Modular USB, we're witnessing a revolution in storage solutions. Though these advancements come with a price, they undeniably hint at a thrilling future for everyday tech. What's next in this dynamic evolution? Only time will tell.


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