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New Metallic Promotional USBs

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Transportable data is the way of the future, however, this requires keeping your information in a sturdy and durable device. At USB Planet we’ve just released a new range of promotional metal USBs to ensure that your information remains safe wherever you go.

The Role of Hardware

The hardware that stores your information is just as important as the software on it. USBs are prone to constant use and wear and tear, so it is necessary that they are supported by strong housing. We’ve designed several new USB styles revolving around the strength of metal, to offer you a durable yet sleek and stylish product. Ensuring the safety of your data should be your first concern so investing in a heavy-duty USB is key.

Logo USB Key Security

These metallic USBs offer the greatest security for your information. With the latest technology for data storage and transfer, these USBs are the most reliable forms of data protection. With the ability to transfer data seamlessly, keeping a USB on hand is an easy way to make sure your information is always in a safe place. This also gives you the freedom to not worry about losing information and a means to backup important data on the go.

As Promotional Items

These USBs also function as a great promotional product. Engraving these USBs with your brand can be a great sense of marketing whilst providing a practical gift to your staff, clients, friends or family. In this digital era everyone has a requirement for USBs so why not use this as an opportunity to get your name out there!


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