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Promotional USBs vs Cloud Storage

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

With technology moving so quickly, it is not too hare to assume the Cloud Based Storage is now king of the sotrage devices, making promotional USB Flashdrives irrelevant. But let's examine this and determine once and for all; Is Cloud Storage better than a USB Flashdrive?


The biggest factor in both of these decives is the ease of accessing your files, wherever you go. With cloud storage, you need to upload your files through the use ofthe internet, so they can be sroted and used wherever there is a stable internet connection. However, therein lies the rub; a reliable internet connection. With the way the Australian NBN is moving your internet connection unfortunately is not always guaranteed, leaving you to use your mobile data, and a paired down version of the cloud app on either your mobile or tablet. This can make it really hard for those on the go who can't rely on this kind of service.

USB Flashdrives do not have this issue. Just plug in your USB and all your files are there ready to go. This means that as long as you have it in your pocket, or around your neck, you are good to go. This way you are no longer needing to rely on a good internet connection just to finish that paper.

Data Security

Most cloud storage systems have a level of encryption, so if they are hacked it becomes unusable to whoever crack in. However the issue with this is that your password can be found and easily used to crack into your system. The other way that this is done, is through the administrator back door that is needed in case you lose your password.

USB Flashdrives are one of the safest systems of data management as you need to have the actual device itself to gain access. This is doubled if you are using encryption software, meaning that on top of the security ofa password that can be faulty, your actually have to have the physical device as well to access anything. So keep everything safe can become a lot easier with a flashdrive.

Promotional Items

The plain fact that you can print your brand on a personalised USB drive and hand it out to your clients is paramount. This is one of the most effective promotional marketing deviced that you can get as these devices are useful, practical, and cheap to make in bulk. So it's just that easy. Cloud Storage is useful, but a Promotional USB is better. Hell, we even offer a free data uploading service on our devices so you can leave the work to us to upload your documents.

Do yourself a favour and have a look at our wide range of USBs, and see what they can do your your business.


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