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Stop Computer Hackers With Your USB

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Ever wanted to secure your computer with more than just a password? With your USB and some software, you can now have a physical key.


The Importance Of Custom USB Security

USB Flash Drives have served a variety of uses over the years, not the least of which, as a handy portable marketing tool, particularly when they can be custom branded. You may have heard of flash drives being referred to as USB keys, and sure enough, there are key flash drives that have been shaped to look like the house and car keys that we are all familiar with. But have you ever thought of using your little friend to lock your computer in the same way? It's possible!

Locking Your Computer With A USB Key

A free program by the name of Predator turns your USB into a key, so your computer only works when it is inserted. When it's removed, the computer is locked and access is denied.

Even better for those that wish to keep their files safe. The program also has an activity log, so you can observe if anybody has attempted to access your computer while you were away.

and if you're the sort of person that has a habit of losing their usbs? Fear not, the program comes with the ability to set a password as a backup security point.

and don't think you're missing out if you are a Mac user either, USB Lock is a handy app that serves the same purpose for Apple fans.

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