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Top 3 Eye-Catching Branded USB Drives

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Quirky USBs are a great way to market your brand. It shows that individuality and relatability. Don’t settle for square metal flash drives, take this opportunity to get truly something jaw-dropping. Here are our top three eye-catching branded USBs.

Nothing attracts your eye like a custom bling USB key. These slick flash drives look expensive with a budget-friendly price tag. They also make for a funny corporate gift! They are adorned with tiny diamond rhinestones all over the USB! The shine from this USB will attract anyone’s eye. This is easy brand promotion for you and a bit of fun for everyone else.

You may try and resist, but your eye will surely be drawn to these wine bottle flash drives. This unique shaped USB is in the shape of a vino bottle. You can emblazon this product with your brand name or logo. It features a 32GB data storage size. This makes for a great gift for all hospitality industries or even as a gag gift for your friends. But remember to use this USB responsibly!

If you are an executive businessperson nothing is more eye-catching than your own personal helicopter. Well, how about a helicopter that can fit in your pocket. This cute helicopter USB is the next best thing to fulfil your high life dream. This PVC device is in the shape of a yellow helicopter and has a data storage size of up to 32GB. Get this decorated with your logo and help your brand stick out.


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