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USB Designs Which Are Perfect for Summer

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Promotional USB flash drives are decidedly cool, especially as promotional merchandise but you can make them a lot cooler with designs that are unique and sure to catch attention particularly during the hot summer months. Not only are these promo items practical, they will also leave your customers feeling refreshed.

Summer Guide to Logo Emblazoned USBs

Popsicle – nothing says summer more than popsicles! These colourful and fun designs will delight both the young and the old and are sure to be a hit when given along with real popsicles! Now, that is marketing. Slippers – let your customers be constantly reminded of their great time at the beach where they walked along the sandy shores. This design can certainly leave a huge impact. Perfect for businesses in the footwear industry. Watermelon – looking at this succulent piece of fruit will leave your customers’ mouths watering. A good idea if you are in the business of offering fresh fruit juices.

Ice Cream – just like popsicles, they are summer staples and customers will surely identify your brand with such sweet gesture.

Surfboards – the ultimate summer accessory would be the surf boards. Make sure you consider this design especially if your business offers such products or services.


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