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USBs Shaped Like Cassette Tapes

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Many people remember the 1980's fondly. The terrible hair, the tragic fashion, the wide range of synth heavy music. Amazing times. What better way to relive that era than some faux 80's style products? These unique promotional USB drives are shaped like cassette tape. Packaged in a cardboard box, and emblazoned with bright colours, "I've Made You a Mix Tape" slogan and love messages, these retro styled USBs are a memory of simpler time. A time of big hair and bigger shoulder pads.

Unique Promotional Flash Drives

All jokes aside though, this is a very cool shape for a USB drive. It's highly memorable, and will really hit audiences of a particular age, or who have an interest in retro products. I eagerly await the day we get a USB flash drive that's shaped like a floppy disk.

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