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Using Credit Card Style USBs as Mail Out Gifts

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Coronavirus has sent a shock of panic throughout the world. The impact of the pandemic has had a particularly significant impact in Australia where events are being cancelled, from local festivals to the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix. Consequently, promoters at these events are suffering and cannot utilise their usual marketing strategies. So, instead of waiting till the virus subsides, we’ve thought to use promotional credit card USBs to get your digital catalogue out into the public’s hands. Try to limit contact with these USBs and always use hand sanitiser after use.

This eco-friendly personalised flash drive is great for mobile storage. Its sleek wooden colour makes it prime for imprinting your logo and brand. Additionally, its lightweight makes it perfect for travel and transporting your digital catalogue across Australia. But despite being small, these promotional bamboo flash drives can store up to 32GB of data. This item suits all types of businesses and is ready for use today!

Stand out amongst the rest with these cute button-shaped USB cards. They feature full-colour customisation to effectively market your brand. They hold between 512MB and 32GB of data and snuggly fit in your wallet or pocket. Just having the ability to transport your digital catalogue to other businesses is essential during these times.

Paper business cards are a thing of the past. These digital business cards hold an abundance of data and immediately boost your brand’s reputation when compared to cardboard business cards. Your recipients will appreciate having access to your product catalogues, company newsletters and other information at their fingertips. Feel free to decorate the outer plastic casing with your logo to make this product pop!


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