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What Promotional USBs do Australians Buy?

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

In our modern world, USBs come in all shapes and sizes. We use them almost every day and USBs have become a staple for promotion. So, we’ve narrowed down which flash drives are the most sought after in Australia to provide you with an edge in your next marketing campaign. Here are the three most bought USBs in Australia.

Swivel USBs remain a classic product for data storage due to their durable plastic body and protective swivel design. Nearly everyone has seen or used these types of USBs, so why not get them branded with your custom logo and brand. These USBs can hold anywhere from 512mb to 32gb of data. Thanks to their portability, they are commonly used for sharing and transferring digital information, meaning this USB will pass through multiple people who will all see your brand! Consider gifting these USBs to boost your brand recognition.

Credit Card USBs have taken the technological world by storm. With everyone constantly on the move, larger storage devices have become cumbersome to carry. Thankfully, the credit card USB is designed to slot into your wallet like any other card you would be carrying. They are still capable of holding up to 32gb of data despite their sleek style. Additionally, its innovative design and huge full-colour branding will be a talking point for all. Why not get this USB decorated with your logo because before you know it, people will stop talking about the USB and will start talking about your brand!

These eco wooden USBS intend to mitigate the large environmental footprint caused by the mass production of plastic USBs. Made from natural materials, these flash drives promote sustainable practices whilst providing you with a quality data transfer product. Supporting the environment will improve the image of your brand and will naturally result in people following your message. Consider branding eco wooden USBs to take your brand to new heights.


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