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Why Promotional USBs are Still Relevant

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

In the modern era, storage is king. We need to constantly back up data and ensure it is protected. So why not capitalise on this and use USBs as storage as well as marketing tools. Flash drives will always remain a relevant technological tool and here are the main reasons why!

Branded USBs, Simplest Method of Storage

We have all come to know and love the cloud but does it really compare to the benefits of a USB. Most notably, USBs don’t require an internet connection and provide a physical means of keeping your data safe. If you are passing the USB around, you can also encrypt it to ensure that it can only be used by certain individuals. Memory keys can even act as boot drives to run software or applications.

Fantastic Mobile Promotions

As plastic promotional drives are constantly passed around between people to transfer information, they are an excellent means of mobile marketing. Everyone will see your brand name as the USB passes between people. Display your company name proudly on this fantastic piece of tech. You can also save promotional catalogues and similar items on the portable flash drive itself to double up on your marketing campaign!

Infinite Customisability and Utility

No one can shy away from a USB as a promotional gift. They are useful for nearly every setting, be it an office, university/school or even your home. More importantly, USBs these days come in the quirkiest designs -- just see our unique flashdrive section for examples! We offer USBs shaped in a number of ways to match your company theme, be it a unique toy USB, a credit card USB for your wallet or even an eco-friendly bamboo flash drive!


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