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Why USB Prices Change so Frequently

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Pricing USBs can be quite a tricky process, which is why we provide tailored pricing to our clients daily rather than listing online pricing. USBs are actually competing against most other electronic appliances due to their reliance on memory chips, and the demand for production of these chips rises and falls constantly affecting their price. Here’s a breakdown of how pricing USBs works and why they tend to fluctuate.

How Promotional USBs Are Made

To understand why promotional USB prices change it is important to know how they are made. Whether you're after custom plastic memory keys or promotional metal flashdrives, USBs are principally made of three components;

  1. The memory chip

  2. The housing for the chip

  3. The body of the flash drive

The first element is most important as memory chip production is limited to a few major factories around the world. These memory chips are actually critical as they are implemented in the majority of modern electronics we have, including smartphones, computers, medical devices and much more! This means production is key to pricing.

How Demand Influences USB Production

After our high school economic classes, we should remember that demand affects the price. As a lot of people are after these memory chips, prices are always shifting. If appliances are competing for these little chips, it is understandable that their prices will change. What is of importance is that you need to select the right time to get promotional USBs. You need to aim for a time before people are looking for gifts, such as festive seasons like Christmas and Chinese New Year.

The USB Planet Difference

Only a few factories produce the chips required for custom USB memory drives, which means if there's increased demand by a large client or a production hiccup, there can be a delay on memory chip production for the rest of the world. Luckily USB Planet avoids this issue with most of our products because we keep our USBs stocked locally, in Australia, to ensure we aren't impacted by these overseas issues wherever possible.

When you want reliable USB memory drives, manufactured to A-grade quality and available for short turnaround timeframes, you want USB Planet. Contact our team today for your own obligation-free, up-to-the-miute USB quote.


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