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Why Use Branded USB Pens

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

There is never the right or wrong time to give a gift. And when it comes to buying promotional products, buying in bulk is cost saving. With the introduction of custom USB pens, gifting has become a whole lot easier. The USB pens are quality gifts that people will reuse every day. After all, that is the essence of giving gifts—functionality. Since selecting gifts is not exactly an everyday task, how about we suggest some to make it more comfortable for you?


Recommended USB Flash Drive Pens

  • Laser Pointer Flash Drive Pen - Measuring 146*18*15mm, this great USB pen has three available areas for printing. The USB component is available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 16GB sizes. They are the best thing to happen in the concealed USB industry as they can be carried around and used every day by corporate clients and staff.

  • Simple Branded USB Pen - As the name suggests, this USB pen is quite simple, nothing unusual or over the top. It is excellent for those corporate clients who prefer to remain traditional and keep things simple. They are a unique marketing strategy, and each pen is furnished with a gloss finish and chrome highlights. With an A-Grade chip, these will be readily appreciated by recipients. The simple branded USB pen does not outright suggest anything special but come in different memories.

  • Turn Key Promotional USB Pen - Available in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB. 8GB, 16GbB and 32GB these impressive pens are designed to keep the owner on to of business. With an almost concealed USB compartment, this pen can easily pass as a simple pen. It has an excellent weight balance and does not indicate or suggest additional weight from the USB.

With these samples and much more, it is possible to gift those in the corporate world with something they can use almost every day. Consider buying USB pens.


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