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Yes, We Have Custom USB Available!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

With the combined double-whammy of Lunar New Year celebrations and the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak in China, we've heard from a lot of concerned shoppers wanting to know if the situation is impacting our USB flashdrives availability.

The short answer is no; our promotional USBs aren't being affected.

Promotional Flash Drives Stocked in Australia

USB Planet still have thousands of locally stocked (here in Australia!) flash drives ready for customisation with your unique logo. Available styles include our best-selling custom memory swivels as well as our logo decorated credit card flashdrives. However, fully customised USBs (made from scratch using products like wood or custom-shaped PVC) are taking longer to fulfil because of transit delays. So if you need flashdrives fast, our team can get your our most popular styles with branding in under a week! If you're after something more boutique, there will be minor transit delays. If you have any specific questions about flash drives, production times, or our electronics factories, please don't hesitate to contact the USB Planet team today.


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