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Promotional Bookmark USB Flashdrives

Promotional Bookmark USB Flashdrives

SKU: G1294

Plan on giving a tech-savvy touch to your next marketing giveaway? Then check out these functional Promotional Bookmark USB Flashdrives. Featuring a trendy design, these USB drives offer multi-functional features to the user. It is not just your basic traditional flash drive, it’s more! The product can double as a techy bookmark for the user. Therefore, this uniquely designed USB Flashdrive will connect you to your gadgets and books at the same time. You can transfer the required files and data into these for easier sharing.

Buy Logo Printed Educational USBs

Moreover, these can also be used by a university, college, or coaching institutes. They can add brochures and contact related information to these before handing them out. They can also customise these for the freshers on their campus as welcome gifts and quick digital tour. The students can use these throughout their study phase in the institution, for both data transfer and marking pages in books. Best marketing giveaway idea for trade shows, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and conventions. Offering a large branding space, these USB Flashdrives will help you reach out to a larger consumer group.

Competitive Costs and Fast Delivery

We will customise the product on one spot using a single-colour design of your choice.GST excluded. We only deliver these inside Australia. For all states and territories, a 2-week turnaround time is required on all orders.