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Best Selling Metal Custom USBs

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

USBs are an easy and useful way of developing your brand image. But rather than sticking to traditional plastic flashdrives, upgrade to metal USBS. Here are our bestselling metal custom USBs.

These premium corporate twist USBs are perfect to elevate your brand. They making a striking impression based on their sleek design. The USBs feature 3.0 capability and come with a loop to attach to your keychain or lanyard. They are finalised with a smooth finish to appeal to all. Get this decorated with your brand through laser engraving today!

If you are looking for a unique flashdrive, check out these modern metal carabiner USBs. These USBs are small and contain a carabiner end to easily affix to your lanyards, keychains, or bags. They come in silver with a blue finish and can hold up to 32GB of data. This USB tool is unique enough to turn people’s heads. So get this emblazoned with your brand for your next promotional campaign.

Gift your staff, clients, friends, and family this cool bottle cap USB key. This flashdrive features a heavy-duty design with serrated edges to open any bottle! It makes for a multifaceted tool that can also swivel out into a USB. The bottle cap end also allows for protection of the USB. No one could turn down such a unique product. Coupled with your brand, everyone will remember your name!


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