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Logo Printed USBs for Conferences

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

USBs are great marketing products for conferences and events. Use them as a giveaway product to make people remember your brand. Here are effective USB products for conferences.

Giveaway these customised wristband USBs with a watch at your next conference. This is a dual-use practical product that tells the time and allows users to store information on their wrist. The USB may store up to 32GB. This is a quirky yet great gift for any conference. People will be talking about your brand after the conference for a long time. Decorate this product today!

This USB stick is disguised as a pen. Moreover, it can actually charge your mobile phone! Talk about a jack of all trades. The promotional USB pen phone charger is the all-in-one package for any conference. It can store up to 32GB, stores 650mAh of power, and has a stylish ballpoint marker for jotting down notes wherever you are. Emblazon this product with your brand name for endless marketing.

This folding leather flash drive is a simple yet classy USB product. It is made from high-quality leather and can easily clip to a bag or pants. The USB is durable and fast, sporting up to 32GB of data storage. The leather band can also be imprinted with your brand name to demonstrate sophistication and pizazz. Gift this at your next conference to elevate your brand.


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