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Promotional USBs for End of Year

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

USBs are going to become more important in the coming years due to the constant dissemination of data and information. But to end off this year, get a USB that will lift people’s spirits. Here are our top promotional USBs for the end of the year.


As summer is approaching, what better way to celebrate other than by cracking open a cold one with this Tango bottle opener flash drive. This is the ideal end of year corporate gift due to its practicality and fun nature. How could anyone forget a USB that has a built-in bottle opener? This metallic flash drive is perfect for storing data up to 32GB and can safely open your bottled drinks. Coupled with its sleek metallic look, your logo is bound to pop and be remembered for years to come.

As a gimmick gift, check out this wooden peg USB. Since you are going to be hanging up your clothes more often in the summer heat, consider getting this quirky wooden peg USB to get your brand noticed. This is a quirky way to get some brand promotion whilst still offering your customers and clients a useful tool. This USB can store up to 32GB in data and is prime to get the attention of onlookers at your end of year marketing convention. Get this emblazoned today to really turn heads!

To truly celebrate the end of the year, check out this wine flash drive. This unique USB is in the shape of a wine bottle! It is made from PVC and can be colour customised to make sure your brand and logo pop. The USB can store up to 32GB of data and is a perfect way to end of the year. This is apt for a gag gift at parties or end of year celebration. See off your customers, clients, staff, friends and family in a good mood and welcome them to 2021 with a sense of humour. Don’t sleep on this great marketing device.


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