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Say Yes to Personalised Wedding USBs

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

When it comes time to organise a wedding, it is like spinning plates. You have so many things to organise and take care of timing, and to top it all off, you must think of wedding favours and what to do with the photos. Well, a growing trend has emerged in wedding planning that can ease your stress- The Wedding USB. Buy custom printed USB flash drives in bulk, and save yourself the hassle.


What is a Wedding USB Flash Drive?

A Wedding flash drive is a concept where instead of wedding favours, you can give out personalised USB drives, pre-loaded with a video or file of your choice that has a message to your guests. You don’t even have to go through the process of uploading them all yourself, simply send your file through to us, and we will load your data before sending it to you.

Personalise Your Wedding USB Flash Drive

With the wide range of USB Flash drives available, finding the perfect fit for your aesthetic is simple. Are you doing something classy and chic? Our stunning Crystal Swivel Flash Drives are the perfect wedding favour that will get used for years to come. Are you doing something a little more rustic and bohemian? Try a USB in a Bottle and record a thank you message for your guests to find when they get home.

Great Promotional Items for Photographers

However, a wedding USBs is not only great for the married couple but on the photographer as well! Wouldn’t it be nice to give the newly married couple of their beautiful photos on a custom printed USB flash drive with your logo, and fifty along with it to send to their friends and family? In the wedding industry, word of mouth is vital and being able to buy high-quality USBs that not only look gorgeous (like this Metal Clip USB), but being able to advertise at the same time is worth its weight in gold. This will allow even the most technologically illiterate members of the wedding party to plug in and go, without having to deal with cloud-based servers and navigation pages.


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