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USB Drive in a Personalised Bottle

USB Drive in a Personalised Bottle

SKU: High C USB Drive

Possibly the most unique flash memory drive that we stock in our range. This particular unit features a standard USB 2.0 flash memory drive which is encased inside a cork. This cork acts as a lid which goes onto the top of a mini glass bottle. The result? A cute little USB flash memory drive personalised with your logo that you and your guests will love. This particular unit will look amazing when used as tradeshow giveaways or as gifts for students.

Brand Your Logo

The branding area for your logo goes onto the glass bottle. We print your logo by using a wrap around screen printing technique. For a quote on this particular USB drive complete with your custom branding, please contact us for a quote.

Capacities Available include: 1gb | 2gb | 4gb | 8gb | 16gb

USB Memory Dimensions

  • Unit meausres 2.5cm Diameter x 6cm High
  • The branding space measures 1 x 1cm
  • Item available in clear colour only

Ordering Information

This unit is aviable for purchase orders delivered within Australia only.

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