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The Advantages of Wooden Flash Drives

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Take an ecological approach for your next USB and turn to promotional wooden flash drives! Modern people love sustainable products so here is an item that will benefit your brand as well as the environment. Here are the advantages of wooden flash drives.

Lightweight and Portable

As these USBs are made from wood or bamboo, they are substantially lighter than traditional metal or plastic USBs. This makes them extremely portable. You will not even notice that this USB is in your pocket! Data constantly needs to be updated but this does not mean that you need to lug around a heavy hard drive. These wooden USBs are the prime modern data handling tool and one that is incredibly easy to carry.

Some examples include Branded Rectangular Wood USB and Custom Bamboo Flashdrives.

Natural Materials

Our wooden USBs are sourced from natural and sustainable plantations. We pride ourselves on providing environmentally friendly products and nothing shouts sustainability as much as these wooden flash drives. Showcase your care for the environment by handing out these items at promotional events, marketing events or tradeshows. People love useful appliances, especially ones that are ecological.

Unique Design

The best part of these wooden USB drives is that each product will be completely different. This is because the wood has different grains meaning that the fibres of each piece of wood or bamboo will result in a custom pattern. People love being unique, and this is a great way to make your clients, staff, friends and family feel special.


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