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Top 3 Bamboo Wooden USBs

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The world is starting to move into an environmentally conscious direction. So, what better way to show your support for the environment than by getting these fantastic bamboo flash drives? Here are three great wooden USB options to showcase at your next marketing event!


This USB combines a superbly finished USB with a top tier memory drive. The interior circuitry in this device is cleanly laid within the sleek wooden casing. With its stylish design and glossy finish, this is a truly top tier USB. Most importantly, it is one that will be valued by all recipients. It invokes beauty and is a premium means of showcasing your brand. Imprint this USB with your unique name or logo and stand apart from the crowd.

If you are looking for a traditional pull out USB but want a sustainable product, then look no further. This USB comes in maple wood, walnut wood, redwood and even bamboo. With a natural wood grain, your brand name and logo will pop due to the USBs high contrast. Additionally, these flashdrives are made from renewable natural resources, not featuring the chemicals you typically get on other USBs. This flash drive is sure to have your brand remembered.

This flash drives boasts a fantastic wood coating whilst maintaining a traditional cap USB design. Thanks to its design, you can opt for either logo print or engraving to truly cement your brand onto this USB. We will also contrast your brand name to ensure your logo pops. This USB comes in maple wood, walnut wood, redwood as well as bamboo. Takes this USB anywhere with you and be confident that it will store your data effectively. Leap into the ecological future and hand these USBs out at your next marketing event!


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