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Top Promotional Credit Card USBs

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Credit card USBs are the new technological craze! They combine the functionality of a USB with the simplicity of a credit card. Use this product as an easy way to promote your brand. Here are our top promotional credit card USBs.

This simple and elegant full-colour bottle opener USB card is the perfect promotional item for your next marketing campaign. It features a blank face for your brand and an inbuilt bottle opener and USB key. This card can easily fit in your wallet meaning you can take your data with you anywhere. Get it emblazoned with your brand name for easy brand recognition!

Take your USBs to the next level with these premium credit card flash drives. This USB can have a full-body image with your brand name. It also has a flip-out USB that can store up to 16GB of data. Take this artful flash drive with you in your wallet and take it out to showcase your brand.

If you work in an office building, you need these promotional business card USB keys. This product works as a business card with a built-in flash drive. This means employees can carry their data easily when they come into the office. It also makes a great gift at client meetings. You can pass this onto clients and on the USB, you can include information about your business. Get this decorated with your brand name today!


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