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USB Cards for Promoting Your Brand

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

USB cards are the most innovative way to promote your brand. These are credit card-shaped products that are actually flash drives. They enable full-colour large printing and data storage. Here are the best USB cards for promoting your brand.

Large logo printed transparent USB cards are necessary for your next promotional campaign. These portable flash drives feature 32GB storage and fit in your wallet. What more could you want! The USB cards also have a large surface area to emblazon your brand or logo. This means that every time you take our USB card onlookers will see your brand name!

These premium metal Ibiza credit card USBs are fantastic for corporate promotional events. These cards come in black, silver, or white and have a storage space of up to 32GB. You might think this is just a steel credit card when in fact it is a portable USB stick. People will be blown away by this unique product. Moreover, it features a great space for decoration and can be handed out as a business card/gift to clients.

These mini promotional USB flash drive cards are amazing for marketing. They encourage full-colour decoration to turn your blank card into a living representation of your brand. But more importantly, it can also store data on your brand. Imagine handing out this card to prospective clients, initially capturing their attention with your logo design but then also presenting their data and information of your brand. Promotion doesn’t get any better than this!


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