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8gb Promotional USB

8gb Promotional USB

SKU: 8 gb USB

8gb flashdrives are an ideal compromise between a large storage capacity and a good low price point. Consider using an 8 gigabyte capacity flashdrive. This capacity allows enough space for most events to provide you with:

  • Space to pre-load images, files and folders of your choice
  • Enough remaining space for a regular flash drive user, to store their own data.

An 8 gigabyte capacity flash drive is fabulous for:

  • Public events,
  • Private functions
  • General distribution use

Have your Logo Personalised

We are the specialist at branding 8gb flash drives with your logos and images. All our products are supplied complete with custom branding. This particular style of flash memory drive is available with your choice of decoration method. Choose from:

- Pad Printing: (best for single or two coloured logos)

- Direct digital printing: (best for full-colour printing of your graphics and files)

Consider using 8gb promotional flashdrives for occasions such as:
  • Storing key contact information
  • A single catalogue
  • Invitations
  • Maps
  • Memento gift with photographs

8gb Promotional USB's Delivered Fast

Ask us for a quote today and buy your promotional USB drives with a fast 1 week delivery all around Australia.

Product Information

  • Grade A memory Chip
  • Lifetime data retention warranty
  • Available in Red | Blue | Green | Yellow | Black | White
  • 8gb capacity
  • Delivery within Australia only
  • Physical Dimensions: 5.4cm x 2.3cm wide

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