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Beer Shaped Flashdrive

Beer Shaped Flashdrive

SKU: Beer Shaped Flashdrive

This unique flash memory drive is in the shape of a coaster which acts as a lid, as well as a glass of beverage which is where the promotional flash drive is physically located. This particular style is made from PVC rubber. Your branding goes onto one or both sides of the glass. The flash drive can be custom painted to depict various beverages from beer, water, soft drinks and juices. Another unique feature about this flash memory drive is that it can be balanced on the coaster in a manner much like a spinning top, this enables the flash drive to be spun around creating a fantastic way of attracting attention. This promotional flash drive can only be pad printed in spot colours only.

Buy Promotional USB Printed

Please ask for a quote. All our flashdrives come delivered to you, complete with a 1 position custom branding of your logo via screen printing. We will also list out on our quote options for other methods of decorating, where possible including a full colour custom print as well as laser engraving.

USB 2.0 and now USB 3.0

All our flashdrives come delivered to you complete with USB 2.0 as standard. A USB 3.0 upgrade is available at a small additional cost.

Available Capacities

All our flash memory drives are available in your choice of memory capacity. Choose from: 512mb, 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, 16gb, 32gb

Optional Services to Enhance the USB

For your convenience we now offer the following services for this promotional usb:

  • Data Loading (free data loading upto 100megabytes)
  • Data hard coding (this enables you to secure pre-loaded data against deletion)
  • Automatic Start up Running upon USB flashdrive insertion into a Windows or Mac Computer
  • Renaming of the USB Directory name

Warranty and Purchase Information Australia

We deliver flashdrives all around Australia only. All our flashdrives come complete with a Grade A internal memory chip. We offer a life time data retention warranty on all our products. Turnaround time is 8 working days from the time you place a purchase order.

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