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Contrasting Circular USB Memory Drives

Contrasting Circular USB Memory Drives

SKU: G1328

We live in a data-driven world. Everything gets stored and shared among people in several digital forms. Storing and sharing have become an integral part of life. So why don’t you use this massive opportunity to advertise your brand? With our Contrasting Circular USB Memory Drives, you can strengthen your clients or employees in this fast-paced data-driven world. Whether they want to share an important file or want to store a presentation to carry around, help them by giving them a USB memory drive. It is an important and thoughtful marketing tool that everyone will appreciate.

  • Buy Logo Printed Spherical Flash Drives

    If your business is related to the tech sector, you should choose a promotional tool that resonates with your company's work. And our USBs complement your functioning and style perfectly! These USB memory drives are available in various colour options. They have a sleek design making them look very stylish and compact. The circular portion holds an amazing swift which makes the design of the USB memory drive very unique. It comes in various holding capacities. The drive is composed of plastic material making it light to carry around.

  • Budget Costs and Direct Local Delivery

    USB prices change daily, please enquire for exact pricing based on GB capacity and print design. Our prices exclude GST. The item is only deliverable inside Australia. It has a 2 week turnaround time.

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