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Glowing illuminate Promotional USB Sticks

Glowing illuminate Promotional USB Sticks

SKU: Glowing illuminate Promotional USB Stick

Why settle for merely just a promotional USB stick printed with your logo when for a little extra you can have a product that is truly special. This particular Illumination USB stick is precisely the product you need when you want to get your branding noticed. When a recipient gets their hands on this product it merely looks like a regular flash memory drive. It does feel that it is higher in quality though with a bit more weight and a robust feel. The branding merely looks like it is printed on the surface. However it is when they activate the unit that it becomes something quite special.

Activating the Light Up USB Key

When it is inserted into a USB powered port your flash memory drive will immediately illuminate from the inside. The internal of the flash memory drive will release a light that will shine through your logo. This creates an amazing effect for your logo which is absolutely beautiful to look at.

Customize This USB Key With Your Branding

Ask us when you make your enquiry the best way to personalize this for you. This particular item has multiple branding methods to ensure your logo looks amazing. Branding methods include:

1) Pad Printing (on front or back) on an area measuring: 4cm x 1.5cm on the back or 3cm x 1.5cm on the front

2) illuminating Etch on the front on a surface area that measures 3 x 1.3cm on the front clip.

The cap unfortunately cannot be branded on.

Additional Accessories

The photo displayed includes a removable lanyard for ease or portability. Other options available with this USB drive include:
- Keyring | Thick Lanyard | USB extension cable | Gift Box in plastic | Gift box in tin metal

Ask us about how you can personalize this particular USB memory to really make it your own.

Wholesale orders with Data Loading

You can order your flash memory drives with your data loaded onto the unit. If you have a small file that is under 20mb we can load this for free for you. However if you have a larger file simply let us know the size of your data to be loaded and we can include that into a quote for you.

Flash memory capacities are available from 1 gigabyte through to 64 gigatbyes. Ask us when you make your enquiry.

Quote With Your Logo Print

All our quotes will include branding of your logo as well as delivery and GST for Australian delivery orders. We will quote within 1 hour during business hours. Find out more about this flash memory drive today. Remember to ask for our free mock up service as well where we can create this flash memory drive with your logo printed onto it onto a visual for you to see how your branding will look visually.

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